Calling all Log Runners!

If you like the rough and tumble world of timber sports or if you just like a challenge – look no further than Thunder Jack’s Log Runner! This game will test your skills as you work to keep Thunder Jack (or Jane) upright on the rolling log against gusts of wind and jumping fish, while collecting Moose Coins along the way. As you progress you’ll be able to go underwater, as well as unlock costumes to customize your character.   

Share your score on Facebook and see who is tough enough to beat you. 

Log running is not easy…consider yourself warned.


  • CUSTOMIZE Thunder Jack and Thunder Jane with fun outfits

  • EXPLORE 4 beautiful outdoor environments & levels

  • BOOSTERS & UPGRADEABLE abilities will help you conquer the wilderness

  • 12 UNLOCKABLE bonus Coin Runs

  • 9 aquatic critters to try and stump your run

  • SHARE your SCORE and with friends, family and foe on Facebook

  • REWATCH and SHARE your longest runs on EVERYPLAY

  • FREE TO PLAY with ability to buy out of ads

  • ADDICTIVE – HARD gameplay



If you’re about this Lumber Life, prove it. 

From the finest in beard-based attire, to the most rugged swag in the Western wilds, we’ve got you covered in the Thunder Jack store.

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